Laura is the BEST. Not only were the pictures PERFECT but so was Laura! She is professional, respectful, caring and passionate. She addressed all of our questions & my fears of having a photographer at our second son’s birth. While our home birth was quick, she was still able to capture every special moment in the most beautiful, respectful and tasteful way! Her passion for birth photography is one of a kind. I am always open to share my positive experience with anyone!
— Melissa
My husband and I hired Veronika after seeing her beautiful birth photography and it is a decision we will never regret! Not only was she the sweetest person we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, She was courteous and respectful of our wants and wishes in regards to our labor and delivery. She was able to capture those precious In-between moments while waiting for the arrival of our 3rd child, and when my doula needed to step out for an emergency, she was able to step in and help keep me calm though transitional labor. Her photos were a beautiful way to close the chapter on our baby having days.
— Shauna