Community. Love.

We have felt blessed in so many ways lately when it comes to new business ventures and adding to this beautiful partnership we have here at Fox Valley Birth and Baby. There is nothing quite like coming together, bringing your strengths and flaws, and communicating effortlessly with one goal: to always, always move toward greatness.

We are so grateful to have the love and encouragement we receive from the community, from birth workers around the world, and other photographers near and far. And in our opinions, there is nothing more humbling and beneficial than working together as business professionals rather than competing with one another.

As women who literally are here to support other women and their families, we have a big responsibility to stay consistent in and outside of our work. How could we be trusted in such an intimate environment where precious lives are entering this world if we were to have a reputation that was anything but trustworthy? We take this seriously. And it's in our blood. We work together and support other artists in and outside of the community. We support and encourage one another. We help one another because we all love doing this, and we all have bills to pay. 

The year 2016 started off with Veronika and Vanessa being a duo doula and photographer team. In May, we were both able to witness and document the birth of Laura's boy, Jensen. I (Veronika) was so nervous going into that birth and worried I wouldn't be able to live up to this amazing photographer's expectations! But, Laura knew the value of hiring an experienced birth worker and birth photographer, and she was thrilled with what was captured. She had the grace to put aside any inkling of competitiveness and embrace the true art of what our work entails. 

What blossomed from there was a great friendship which eventually turned into a partnership with the three of us working together to bring families superior doula support and impeccable birth photos and video. Since teaming up, we have photographed several other local photographer's births, and it is such an incredible feeling to be trusted with the job of documenting another documentarian's story. What's more, they value us. They value our work and sweat and tears. They value the countless hours we spend away from our families, the binge eating after days of hunger, the bloodshot eyes after 48 hours of no sleep, and the tireless work in front of a computer screen for hours upon hours after we leave a birth to edit those shots.

We have worked with some incredible families that have had the best birth experiences of their lives. We've had those experiences ourselves. And one major component that makes these experiences as great as they are is the team that was a part of it. We want to be a part of your unforgettable birth experience. We want to be on your team and provide you with memories that you wouldn't trade for anything. You deserve it. Your baby deserves it!

If you have a baby on the way and are ready to either start or complete your birth team, contact us today. We can't wait to hear from you and start this journey together!

~ Laura and Veronika <3