The Home Birth of Harvey {Birth Stories}

It was a beautiful afternoon outside when Veronika and I were group messaging with our friend and fellow birth photographer, who was just about a week away from her due date. Her exhaustion was apparent, even in just her words on the screen.

Veronika messaged me later saying, "I thought she would go a little longer yet but now I'm thinking she's going to have that baby soon!"

"Yes," I quickly agreed. "She is done, for sure."

She had told us she had an appointment with her midwife in a couple of hours so we continued about our busy day of scrambling after our children as we waited for her update.

Just a couple of hours later my phone dinged, and I quickly grabbed it, as I always do when I hear the tone set for all my birth clients go off.

Oh yeah. It was definitely happening!  

She couldn't have picked a more convenient time to start the process. I dropped my kids off at my sister's house and started making the 45-minute drive to her house, praying I'd get there in time. Her first birth was missed by almost everybody, so Veronika and I were determined to not let that happen to her again!

As it was, her loyal birth photographers both ended up being overly prepared (as usual), and we sat at a coffee shop just a few minutes from her house and chatted awhile until she finally texted us that things were picking up and we could head over.

The mood in the air was still light, and excitement ran through Mary's every word as she chatted with us, the midwives, and her husband and said goodbye to her firstborn, the last time he would be an only child, before he left to have a fun sleepover at his grandparents' house, who lived right on the other side of their backyard.

Labor progressed steadily, and we were amazed by this mama's serene strength through it all. One quiet moment when we knew we were getting closer to the end, I spoke softly to Veronika, "I can't believe she's so calm!"

She walked the halls, soaked in the warmth and comfort of the shower, swayed with the breeze outdoors, and leaned on her husband for support through every surge.

Then suddenly, peacefully, there was a new life in this world. Well done, mom and dad.

~ Laura

(Photo and Video a collaboration from Laura and Veronika)