Nora and Liam {Maternity}

Eight years ago, I had the honor of being one of my sister's birth team members. It was my very first birth experience and what sparked my fire and passion for birth work.

Watching my sister in those moments of intensity and discomfort, I thought I had seen her strength in full. Little did I know that was only the beginning of her journey into her finding her fierce power.

Like happens to all of us with age and experience, she's blossomed into an even stronger woman, sister, daughter, and friend since her transformation into a mother.

I have the honor of attending her next birth and this time will be there to document this new transformation ahead of her!

I can't wait to see their family dynamic change from three to four and to get to know this little soul who is so close to joining us. 


Please join me in offering some encouragement, love, and well wishes to my sister as she prepares these next few weeks for the arrival of their next baby! I would love to show her how loving, welcoming, and positive the birth world is and would love even more to show her a whole list of affirmations and kind thoughts in the comments of this blog post.

Hold space for her as she struggles through these last few weeks of pregnancy in the thick of summer and goes through the transformation of having to divide her attention to two children for the first time. Bless her birth and her baby and this incredible journey they are about to embark on!


Please leave your comments and kindness for her below and be sure to follow the rafflecoptor directions for your entry to count!