Birth is Birth.

There is something going viral right now. You may have seen it. It is a text exchange between a pregnant woman and a "birth photographer". In this conversation, the photographer is telling the woman she will not photograph her birth, because she is having a Caesarean birth. I won't go into the exact language and abusive words this photographer used because the whole thing is actually a huge lie. There never was a birth photographer, and especially not one that ever said such disgusting things to this pregnant woman. This woman made it all up, solely for the attention.

In that regard, I hate to give it even MORE attention, but she opened up a huge can of worms when she did this. It's all over, and the fact of the matter is, some people don't KNOW that it's completely fabricated. There are many issues with this, but one of the problems I see is that this could be giving people the wrong impression about birth photographers. We could be perceived as molded to believe that there is only one right way to give birth.

This, my friends, is simply not true. Period.

We are a part of many birth photography groups online, and we have such a great community in this genre of photography. The overwhelming response to this conversation from birth photographers around the world was, "WHO is this photographer?" "Who would say something like that?" "I don't believe this person is a real birth photographer..."

Because THIS is how birth photographers actually view all kinds of births:

Birth is beautiful.

The endurance shown by the laboring mother. The quiet power behind the labor partner's presence. The uncertain tears that stain a mom's cheeks as she is wheeled back to surgery, where her baby will be born in a way she had never planned. Determination on getting her baby to her arms safely, because even if she did plan this, she knew that was the best decision for her family. Baby's first cries and mom and dad's exclamations of how beautiful their precious child is, and their proclamations of love. At home, in a birth center, at the hospital. In stirrups, in a pool, in the operating room, on a birthing stool, in the bathroom. Because birth is still birth, no matter how it all played out. A new life entered this world. And that's always beautiful. 

I hope you know your baby's story is unique. I hope you know that we hold your story close to our hearts - each and every one. It is respected by us, and it is so special to us too. No matter how it all goes down. Because birth is birth.

And birth is beautiful.