Baby Girl Evelyn {A VBAC Birth Story}

After a difficult and very long labor with their firstborn, Stephanie's son was born via cesarean birth. When she contacted us a few months ago, she and her husband, Devin were interested in hiring a doula in hopes to have extra support during her labor and delivery with a goal of having a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). They ultimately decided to document their daughter's birth as they had photos taken during their son's birth, and are we ever glad they did! It was incredible to watch Stephanie power through some very intense back labor through the night and as the sun crept up, her capable and strong body brought sweet Evelyn earth side. 

What a journey! Take a peak for yourself!

And nevertheless, she persisted...

Congratulations Stephanie and Devin! We are so happy for you.

Laura Kralovetz