Baby Isla {A Birth Story}

Courtney and Grant were first-time parents and unsure on whether or not they wanted photos in the birth room and hadn't even thought of using a doula before meeting with us! Courtney loved the idea of photos of baby's firsts in the hospital room, but it wasn't until we all met with the both of them that we were able to convince Grant as well ;) After meeting with Vanessa, they knew they wanted her to be their doula as well.

Poor Courtney had such a long labor. She had been having contractions all day Sunday and let us all know that evening that things were moving. Vanessa ended up going to them at 2 AM Monday morning and staying until about 10, when they decided to go into their scheduled doctor's appointment and get checked on where Courtney was at. They called us all back that afternoon, at 3 PM and Courtney was laboring hard but still had some decent breaks. She was tough, worked through it all, and even while having moments of discouragement and so much exhaustion, she was able to have the natural birth she wanted, and their sweet girl, Isla was born at 10:59 PM, right into Grant's hands!

As long as Courtney labored, starting at home for over 24 hours, then at the hospital, back and forth between the tub, the shower, in the bed, back to the water again - the ending all happened very fast after her water broke on its own and she came back to the bed to push her baby out. The doctor never even made it in until minutes after Isla was already here! Such an amazing birth story that we all will remember forever, and Courtney and Grant have both said that they don't know what they would have done without Vanessa, and without the photos to remember their daughter's incredible day of birth <3

Laura Kralovetz