What if you can't afford it?

You have a dilemma. You really want your baby's birth documented. You really, really want photos and maybe video too. You understand those are minutes and hours you will never relive again, and you know it's impossible to take in every single moment or even know what's going on around you at your birth.

baby feet

So why not hire a birth photographer? What's the dilemma then?

Well, it's simple really. You just can't afford it. Let's be real...it's expensive! We all know that. We have heard it from you, and we have said it ourselves when we wanted our own births photographed.

We hear you girl.

In the past, we've briefly touched on the reasons why birth photography is priced the way it is, but right now we want to truly help you to afford the birth photos you want. Of course, for these very same reasons, we aren't able to give sessions away or lower prices...BUT we love you, and we want to help, so that's what we are going to do.

laboring mom

Let's break it down. Birth photos are currently priced at $900. Let's say you are out of your first trimester and are ready to start getting things set for your birth. $150/month is what it would take to reach your goal and have your photographer attend the birth! What do you pay $150/month for right now that could be adjusted to help make room in the budget? No, we won't suggest you take food away from the table or cancel your phone/internet services, or even quit your gym membership :) Even non-necessities are understandably important, and we certainly wouldn't expect anyone to spend less on their groceries so they could afford photos. But how about eating out less for a little while? Do you have a "blow money" category in your budget? Was that amazon purchase last week really necessary? Maybe it was. Prime rocks. We all know that.

$37.50/week. OK, that new baby peacoat at Target is freakin' ADORBS. And Cartwheel is offering 30% off of that brand this week! BUY ALL OF THEM. Or wait...when will my baby actually wear a peacoat? Not anytime we are driving somewhere, because of the whole safety thang. Hmm. She'll probably only wear it for some cute photos...with our cell phone, because we can't afford professional photos when we keep buying these clothes! Will she grow out of it before she gets to wear it more than once or twice? Maaaaaaaybe we can hold off on that purchase.

first bath

I don't ever blow money on non-necessities. I still can't afford it.


Whether or not you're having a baby shower, there are going to be family, friends, co-workers in your life that plan to buy you a little something for you and your baby. If you have a baby shower planned, this is going to be REAL easy. We have a registry option for this very reason! Even if friends and family only contribute $10-20 towards your birth photography and still get you another gift on top of that, every little bit helps! Let's say you have 30 people at your shower, each contributing $15 towards your birth photos. That already gets you halfway there!

None of the above options work for you. You aren't having a shower, only a few people buy you something random for the baby without asking you what you need, and you just cannot fit it into your already very tight, or struggling budget.

hospital birth

This may be the case. Maybe you have other factors that contribute to not being able to swing it. That's OK. Life will go on, and your baby will come regardless of whether or not you have a photographer there. We know not everyone will hire a birth photographer or even want a birth photographer in their space. That's OK!

But for those who truly value and want it desperately - we see you. We hear you. And we want to help, because we are on the same page. Let's figure out how to make this easier for you, shall we?

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