Meet Jeni


 My Philosophy

Have you ever heard the phrase, “it doesn’t matter how Baby gets here, just as long as he gets here safely”?  I feel this phrase is terribly disingenuous: it does matter how Baby gets here, or more specifically, it matters how you experience birth.  The way in which you participate in birth permanently changes how you define yourself; a negative birth encounter can leave you feeling powerless and doubting yourself long after baby arrives.  A positive birth journey empowers you, forever instilling you with the knowledge and confidence that you are equipped with extraordinary strength!
It is this lifelong impact that drives my deep and sincere desire to support families emotionally, physically, and educationally as they navigate the unpredictable (and amazing!) course of childbirth.  I sincerely believe every birth is a miracle and every birthing person has the right to be unconditionally supported throughout the entire labor and delivery.

Doula affiliate

What Makes Me Different as a Doula?

I’m so glad you asked!
I am creative, dedicated, compassionate, driven, hard-working, and loving.
I adore and excel at coming up with creative solutions to problems big and small.
I delight in researching, reading, and recalling evidence-based information (as well as translating it into fun and colorful infographics for my clients).
I have a genuine knack for perceiving exactly what a mom (or her partner!) needs (as reported by clients and their care providers).
I pour my heart and soul into my clients’ lives. I do everything in my power to use heightened perception skills to support pregnant and parenting people in a dynamic, family-centered, and holistic way.