I document to mend the soul.

Meet Laura

People know me as calm and quiet, but deep down I've always been the wild child.

I want to eat healthy, but some of my most important food groups involve pizza, chocolate, and beer. Or wine.

Despite my very “well balanced” diet, I try to live a healthy lifestyle and can't stay away from the gym. I feel like a whole new person every time I get a good workout in.

I am stubborn, but life experiences have taught me to listen with an open mind.

Music runs through me in everything I do.

My Faith is important to me.

I have five kids at home, and one little girl in heaven with my husband of 11 years. We homeschool, and we parent so hard. Nothing makes me happier than seeing their sibling bonds and knowing they’ll always be each others’ best friends.

Bereavement photography is near to my heart, because I am a bereaved mother.

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