Presets and Brushes

Our collection of Lightroom presets and adjustment brushes are specially designed for artists seeking a cinematic look to complete  their images and make a statement. Photography begins with the snap of your shutter, but evolves into true storytelling by creating alluring edits and an artistic finish. Let us help you complete your stories with our dramatic presets and brushes.

The Final Touch

BONUS Brush Bundle


To obtain the best results with these presets, we recommend first correcting your white balance in your photo, BEFORE applying the preset so that you can better see the effect each preset's coloring will have on your photos. After you apply the preset, you may need to make some exposure adjustments, depending on what your settings were in your original shot. We also always recommend adjusting your luminance slider to your liking, based on how much grain was in your image. The examples below are all ONE CLICK of applying a preset on each photo. Of course, we always make additional adjustments with brushes or other tweaks to really perfect each image to its own max potential, but you'll see that with a properly exposed image to start with, these will really take you far with just one click!

Pulp Fiction


Private Practice


Thelma and Louise




West Side Story






more examples of these presets in action below