Doula like a lady.

Ye-ah. Ye-ah.

Get to know the real, honest Jen, our newest addition here! Then, go on and contact us to set up a coffee date with her. You won't regret it. She is the person you're missing in your life.


We pinky swear.

She is faithful and dedicated and will stay by your side through the longest of journeys...much like a gentle dog, but who miraculously doesn’t need food, sleep, or water. We've known her to sit outside for hours in freezing temperatures just so she doesn’t leave her clients' side while they labor in a hot tub, and we're not kidding when we say she doesn’t need to sleep- we're talkin' DAYS of awakeness, people. Dayyyys.

And just look at these sprite-like fingers just waiting to work their magic...

Birth Photography

We promise you won't regret meeting Jen. You might be disappointed that you can't keep her, but we can't really help you with that.

Go get a real dog.

Full Doula Service is $1000. Get in touch to find out about all of our offerings!

Placenta Encapsulation is $225.

If you’re looking for an incredible group of women to support your birth then you’re in the right place ✨ Having Jen as our doula brought comfort, knowledge, reassurance, support and so much more! She was an essential part of my birth team that I am so thankful for! Mary also did my placenta encapsulation - so glad that I did and I trusted her guidance and expertise.

These women have left an everlasting mark on my heart for the grace and love they surrounded me with as we welcomed our baby girl!
— Krystine
Jen was absolutely amazing! She is very responsive to texts and an amazing advocate for having the kind of birth YOU want. She kept me hydrated during labor and was feeding me within minutes of my daughters birth to make sure I was nourished! She helped my husband know what to do during labor and delivery, they made an wonderful team! Can’t say enough good things about her!
— Ashley
Jen is an amazing doula and looking back on my birth experience, I couldn’t imagine it without her. She was supportive and helpful throughout my pregnancy and anytime my wife or I had questions throughout the process. She made sure that my birth plan was a priority and that we received everything we wanted out of our birth experience. I had a long, hard labor, and although there were times that I wanted to quit and deviate from my plan of having a natural birth, she reassured me that I was strong enough to do it.
— Brittany
Jen was our doula in November of 2017 and hopefully hiring her for any additional children in the future. We had a scheduled induction, which so many people warned us about high pain. We were able to do an unmedicated birth with minimal pitocin. Jen was there the whole time and even thought of things I would have never thought of. She is definitely in your corner the whole way. I felt very in control and she knew what I needed with minimal conversation during hard labor. Highly recommend!
— Kelly