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Women shouldering women. Artists Suspending time.



Kinda nerdy.

Fox Valley Birth and Baby

We are women shouldering women. 

Artists suspending time.

We believe in healthy experiences, deep connections, making and keeping memories, friendships...all families, all people, and all love. 

And chocolate covered potato chips.



Labor Doula & Placenta Specialist


Photographer & Videographer


Photographer & Videographer


Photographer, Videographer, & Placenta Specialist


We may be present for some of the most emotional and metamorphic moments of your life. Click on our pretty faces above to get to know us better before taking the leap!

Pregnancy and labor support team

Get to know us all...


Your Labor Sidekick

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300,000 babies are about to be born today. 300,000 women around the globe labor and birth with you. You are a fierce, instinctual soul and this is your day.

Your transformation.


Let us be there for you every step of the way...and then some.

Memory Poets

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Ready to roll?

We limit our births to just four a month...don't wait to contact us! We can't wait to get to know you. 

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